What We’re About

The Rolling Kitchen is a family and friend run business. Starting as a fun weekend hobby for the husband and wife team, the food requests of The Rolling Kitchen surpassed all expectations. With menu advice from our two young daughters and great friends who anxiously lend their taste buds to some of our creations, The Rolling Kitchen has been ‘rolling’ along since 2009.

GirlsWhile visiting a local fair and spending more than $100 for tasteless food, the vision for The Rolling Kitchen emerged, especially since the first thing we heard when we left the fair is, “Mommy we are hungry!”

It is our goal and commitment to keep food tasty and affordable. We all know a large fry does not cost $10 and hot dogs have never been $4! We use commonsense pricing and integrity for every customer and event.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“We are so excited to have The Rolling Kitchen return. Their food has become the best part of our conference.” Reina Sims, Law and Leadership Academy

“When I have to schedule my child’s doctor appointments around school lunch, I knew The Rolling Kitchen had to be goodmy child loves school lunch!” Dr. Bronya Boykin, Parent

“There was something special about the fish, chicken, and pound cake The Rolling Kitchen provided for our women’s conference. The food was amazing.” Pastor David E. Norman

The Rolling Kitchen provides your food service needs with excellence and tasty perfection. Whether you need a food trailer on site, drop-off catering for your event, or school lunch, The Rolling Kitchen prides itself with doing food the right way…read more.